An Overview:
Leg problems are widespread throughout the world, but what many people don’t know is that 20-25 million Americans have varicose veins, according to the Vascular Disease Foundation. A study showed an additional 33% of women and 17% of men have venous problems. If you have tired, aching, swollen legs, or if you see the beginning of varicose veins, this website will help you learn how to improve the health of your venous circulation. Venous circulation problems can progressively worsen over time and can affect your health and quality of life. Wearing graduated compression garments can help.

Risk Factors for Venous Disorders:

  • Heredity
  • Age over 40
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Prolonged sitting or standing
  • Long distance travel
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Surgery or trauma
  • Infectious disease
  • Use of hormone medication

Symptoms of Venous Disorders:

  • Heavy, tired, or aching legs
  • Initial signs of varicose veins
  • A feeling of tension, cramps, or fatigue in your legs
  • Swollen ankles/feet
  • Spider veins
  • Skin discoloration or problems
  • Leg Ulcer

Do you ever experience aching or pain in your legs?
For those of us who work in jobs where we have to stand for a living (healthcare workers, service men & women, teachers, factory workers, retail sales representatives, etc.) we know firsthand how tired our legs can become after a long day on the job.

In fact, leg problems affect approximately one out of every five working men and women and cost US corporations more than 2 million lost workdays a year. And it’s not just people who stand for a living, many factors can attribute to leg pain and discomfort. Understanding your symptoms and risks can help you determine if you are at risk for developing a venous disorder and what you can do to help prevent it.

Did You Know?
According to The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, medical compression socks have been proven more effective at reducing aches and pain in the legs than industrial rubber floor mats.

A growing trend among competitive athletes and weekend warriors is the use of graduated compression socks to help improve their athletic performance and recovery.

True Graduated Compression
When an athlete slips on a sports product, he or she is benefiting from the science behind “true graduated compression” – compression that is strongest at the ankle and gradually diminishes as it goes up the leg. “True graduated compression” helps fight the force of gravity and circulate blood back to the heart and lungs more efficiently. When blood is properly circulated, it provides much-needed oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles that have been, or are being, deprived during a workout.

Medical studies show that true graduated compression helps improve blood flow. Studies also show that graduated compression can help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness in active individuals.

Athletes who wear SPORTS Socks and Sleeves will benefit from:

  • Increased circulation and improved blood flow
  • Increased oxygen to muscle tissue
  • Reduced pulled muscles and less exercised-induced muscle soreness in the legs
  • Less lactic acid buildup in the legs during exercise
  • Improved energy, performance and recovery
  • Injury prevention and reduced shin splints & calf cramps

Therapy Guide
There is an appropriate elastic compression therapy product for a wide variety of conditions. Please select from the list below.

  • Mild 8-15 mmHg
    • leg fatigue
    • slight ankle, leg and foot swelling
  • Moderate 15-20 mmHg
    • minor varicosities
    • minor varicosities during pregnancy
    • tired legs
    • minor ankle, leg and foot swelling
    • post surgery
  • Anti-embolism 18 mmHg
    • prevention of thromboembolism
    • reclining or bed confined home convalescence
  • Firm 20-30 mmHg
    • tired, aching legs
    • moderate varicosities
    • moderate varicosities during pregnancy
    • moderate edema
    • post sclerotherapy and other surgery
    • help prevent recurrence of venous ulcerations
    • superficial thrombophlebitis
  • Extra Firm 30-40 mmHg
    • severe varicosities
    • severe edema
    • lymphatic edema
    • helps prevent and manage venous ulcerations
    • chronic venous insufficiency
    • helps prevent post thrombotic syndrome
    • manage manifestations of PTS
    • orthostatic hypotension
    • post sclerotherapy
    • post surgery
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