10 Reasons Why Clients Look for Alternate Pharmacies

10 Reasons Why Clients Look for Alternate Pharmacies

It is our long-held principle at Longwood Pharmacy that our clients’ needs come first in our every service. As the deliverer of your prescriptions, we know how much these medications are crucial for your health. We recognize that with many pharmacies available, clients like you can decide anytime which pharmacy you would get your treatments from.

As a low-cost pharmacy, we would like to highlight that with the many reasons you can reconsider about getting your treatments from a pharmacy, you have a viable alternative in us. If you have experienced the following disservices, you can trust us to serve you better:

  1. Unapproachable pharmacists
    Our pharmacists are friendly, accommodating, and professional. Feel free to ask them questions about your prescription, possible side effects, and other medication options available. They can guide you accordingly.
  2. Long waiting line
    Nothing is more frustrating than when you have to wait in a long queue before you can purchase your prescription. It’s worse if you’re in a hurry. We resolve this by providing auto-refill options or online orders and then have these meds delivered right at your doorstep.
  3. Out of stock
    In our experience as a pharmacy, we resolve this issue by enrolling you in a medication synchronization system. This way, we can make pre-order of your medications so we will have this on the day you need them.
  4. Expensive medications
    Medications can really be expensive but some pharmacies don’t offer cheaper options. Here at Longwood Pharmacy, we will gladly introduce you to generic brands which can give you more affordable alternatives with the same effectiveness.
  5. Repeats pharmacy visits
    It’s also frustrating to keep on going back to the pharmacy for the same medication. This is true if you’re taking your meds as lifetime maintenance. We can help you out with our auto-refill service. We will have your supplies on schedule and have these meds delivered to your address.
  6. No preventative care options
    Family breadwinners prefer to put all their members in preventative care. Some pharmacies don’t offer immunization services. If you need this care, you can always keep in touch with us and we can arrange a schedule.
  7. No special services
    Some medications are difficult to take for patients with swallowing problems. Good thing that we offer compounding as a special service. We can accommodate your requests of converting some meds into easy-to-swallow versions.
  8. Not updated with technology
    Technology is indeed a big deal in the present-day clients. By being online, you can be spotted easily and can be reached out to quickly. This is why we put up a website so you can visit us online and inquire about our medications. You can also contact us easily even if you’re just at home.
  9. No quality customer service
    We treat our customers with high priority. We put your needs first and so you can always trust us to serve your medicine-related needs with quality.
  10. No delivery service
    Delivery is indeed a reliever for those who need medications but can’t get these themselves. We provide delivery services for our clients when you request it so.

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