3 Basic Facts About Generic Drugs


Regardless of the marketing efforts of brand-named drugs, people flock to generic drugs. Why is that so? Generic drugs may be replicas of the brand name, either that’s probably all you know about them or you probably have some questions about them. Are they just as effective? If I take them, what am I putting into my body? Why are they cheaper? What do I not know?

Here are three basic must-knows about generic drugs:

  • Generic drugs are cost efficient

    You can go throughout the year and spend more than you should with medication. Health care and prescription prices can be costly, we know that from experience. According to a Consumer Reports survey, people who have prescribed medications to maintain even resort to making adjustments on expenses such as cutting back on the budget for groceries or even consider delaying retirement. But by having an alternative such as generic drugs, you’d be paying less for the same effect you could get if you bought branded drugs.

  • Generic drugs are just as good

    Generic drugs are required to be made in the same dosage, safety, performance, effectiveness, and with the same active ingredient. The process of FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approval is a long and meticulous one. A set of standards are to be met, followed by a period of monitoring the product’s effectiveness. To add to that, these generic drugs are manufactured in similar ways as branded drugs. This implies that whatever benefits and risks the branded drug may have, so shall the generic counterpart of the drug.

  • Why do they cost less?

    This is something that’s probably been asked on more than one occasion. Why do these generic versions of brand-name drugs cost less than the latter? The reason behind this is that in manufacturing these, there is no longer a need for extensive research and animal testing since these are replicates of the branded drugs. Substantially lower prices are due to no costs needed for research prior to the production of the generic drug, since, needless to say, the branded drug has already done that.

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