3 Benefits of Choosing Generic Medication

3 Benefits of Choosing Generic Medication

Prescription medicines—and even some over-the-counter drugs—are often expensive. This is because most of these are branded with the quality assurance provided by the brands, and would, therefore, cost a high price. Because of this, a lot of patients find it difficult to comply with the physician’s directives and their treatment plan. Since many health conditions would require that the patient stays on a particular prescribed drug for a long period of time in order to reduce the severity of symptoms, a lot of patients may find themselves coming back to the doctor for symptoms experienced, or finding other less reliable ways of treating the illness.

When the cost becomes a very heavy deterrent to the mandatory consistent use of your prescribed medications, it may be a good idea to explore generic drug options in order to prevent not being able to fill your prescription.

Here, we take a look at the advantages or benefits of today’s generic counterparts to branded drugs:

  1. Generic drugs can be just as effective as their branded alternatives
    Generic drugs are actually FDA-approved, and are a proven effective alternative to branded medicines. The generic option is considered to be bioequivalent, as generic medication would often be the same as their branded counterparts in its components, form, dosage, and quality.
  2. Choosing the generic option would save a lot of serious money
    A treatment plan or your physician’s directives would often a good amount of medication which would last for weeks, or even months, depending on the severity of the illness. Because of the quantity which you would have to purchase, choosing the branded counterpart would entail very high costs. Refilling your prescriptions with a generic alternative, however, would save you a lot of money, especially when you consider the quantity of the drugs you purchase.
  3. It is easier to find the required medication in its generic equivalent
    A lot of times, finding the prescribed medication is difficult, especially when you are looking for a specific brand. With generic alternatives, however, you wouldn’t have to search far and wide for the prescribed drug. There actually are a large number of popular medications with high-quality generic equivalents.

Longwood Pharmacy is a low cost pharmacy that offers affordable generic alternatives to many branded prescription and over-the-counter medications. We aim to help you achieve and maintain good health and wellness, by providing high-quality pharmaceutical products and medical supplies that suit the needs of each customer.

At Longwood Pharmacy, we also put your convenience on top, by ensuring that you and your loved ones have an easy and hassle-free pharmacy experience. We provide services such as automatic prescription refills, easy prescription transfers, medication compounding, and even free delivery services. With knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive pharmacists who are willing to help and guide you with your medication queries, we aim to be the pharmacy you can trust to be your lifelong partner in maintaining a healthy, fulfilling, and happy life.

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