3 Lifestyle Changes You Should Do When You Have a Kidney Disease

3 Lifestyle Changes You Should Do When You Have a Kidney Disease

Let’s face it: a kidney disease diagnosis is very scary. Knowing you need to be on dialysis or have a kidney transplant can be a big blow to both your emotional and financial well-being. Here are some things you should do to alleviate your situation:

  1. Eat Healthier. Once you have acknowledged that your filtration system (a.k.a. kidneys) is no longer going to serve you the way it used to, you need to list down the food you are allowed to eat and the food you are not allowed to eat.

    Kidney disease patients are allowed only a certain amount of liquid daily, so ask your doctor about it to be sure. You must also make sure you eat less sodium (opt for herb spices alternatives like pepper) and consume little amount of foods high in phosphorus (bananas and dairy products). Always consult your doctor to know what’s best for you. Eating foods that are not advised for kidney disease patients will only make you feel worse.

  2. Move More.While you may feel sad or depressed about your situation, moving around more will help give you a better cardiovascular system and even help send happy hormones to your brain. If you have high blood pressure, walking in the morning will help you start your day right. Walking with your dog may also be very advantageous for all parties involved.

    Getting a Personal Trainer (PT) can also help you be fitter. Your PT is certified to advise you on the exercises you should do and the food you should eat. Be careful about exercising too much, though, as it will make you more thirsty than usual. Stick to lighter sessions to avoid exhaustion.

  3. Switch to More Affordable Medicine. Hospital bills and medical supplies may already take a bulk of your budget, so looking for a low price pharmacy would be a great idea! I’ve met so many people who have stuck with going for expensive medicine that they’ve drained out their savings long before retirement! Start saving money on medicine today and ensure peace of mind.

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