5 Reasons Why Generic Medication Is a Better Option for You

5 Reasons Why Generic Medication Is a Better Option for You

If you had to choose between branded and generic medications, which one would you choose? A good majority of people would probably prefer to take branded medication. Perhaps, even you would, too. But have you ever stopped to think why that is?

Branded drugs are commonly sought because they are advertised in the media and are often prescribed by physicians. But aside from that, there is not much difference between them and generic medicine.

Rather than splurging your money on branded medicine, you should choose generic drugs because…

  1. They are cheaper

    The price difference between branded and generic medicine is so great that a lot of people tend to raise an eyebrow at it. But to be honest, there’s nothing suspicious or mediocre about generic medicine! They are the exact copies of their branded counterparts.

    Generic medicine is a lot cheaper because the companies that manufacture them only spend money on production costs and nothing else, hence, the low price.

  2. They are always readily available
    Branded drugs often come and go off of the market. The companies behind them might pull them off of the stores in order to change the brand, packaging, price, or formulation. But generic pills? They are here to stay for good. By starting your prescription on generic medication, you will never have a hard time searching through different pharmacies for your pills ever again.
  3. They are just as effective
    While it’s true that generic pills may have a different color, size, shape, or name than branded pills, they still have the same major component. Which means that both the branded and generic medicine will bring about the same action in your body.
  4. They are safe
    Like we mentioned earlier, generic drugs are the exact copies of their branded counterparts. And in case you’re wondering, their production process is quite the same, too. Both branded and generic brands go through the same quality control procedure enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ensure that they are effective and safe.
  5. They are cost-effective
    Generic medicine isn’t always the prime choice of consumers because they aren’t as popular as their branded counterparts. Well, they’re missing out on something great! Generic medicine isn’t only a lot friendlier on the pocket, but it is also just as effective as its branded counterparts.

But now that you know the advantages that come with using generic medications, you can make the smarter choice!

If you need an affordable pharmacy in Seminole that offers quality generic medications, visit Longwood Pharmacy. Apart from generic medications, we also render other pharmacy services (such as compounding, special packaging, free delivery, etc.) that will surely be of great use to you and your loved ones.

Always remember, Longwood Pharmacy is a low cost pharmacy in Seminole that you can always count on! Go ahead and share this article with your family and friends so that they can try out generic medications, too.

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