Alternatives to Self-Medication

Alternatives to Self-Medication

Self-medication has almost been a common solution to pain or discomfort, especially when it is cheaper and proven by experience. However, this may not be true in every case.

At Longwood Pharmacy, prompt service and personal attention create more value. As your pharmacy, we provide safe access and holistic support to medicines and health products, such as cheaper generic medication.

When we are solely relying on what we know, certain information might not be considered. Sickness, pain, and any discomfort may be coming from different sources, even when the symptoms are the same. As such, taking the same medicines might not be effective. The cause of that pain may be different from the previous one.

The right dosage is another issue. A regular consumer may not be able to determine the right amount that is both necessary and safe, let alone the frequency of the consumption. Minor issues may turn into major health concerns.

One must also consider the side effects certain medical components may cause. Only when the person deeply understands the subject will he be able to choose the right tablet at the right dose and at the right time.

While self-medication is almost an instinct, a low cost pharmacy can safely provide you the solutions without taking much of your money.

You have an option! Call us to know more about compounding pharmacy.

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