Basic Buyer’s Tips for Cheaper Generic Medication


Brand-name drugs are definitely in-demand due to its high efficacy at curing common ailments. However, the number of people patronizing generic medicine is currently increasing simply because it offers almost the same potency as its brand-name counterpart but at a cheaper cost. Indeed, who would want to spend extra when you can get almost the same thing at a lower price, right?

While it may be true that generic medicine is almost as effective as brand-name drugs, that only holds true if you purchase the generic medicine highly approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). Drugs approved by the proper authorities are relatively safer to consume compared to ones with questionable origins. That’s why when you buy generic drugs at an Affordable Pharmacy, you must be smart and meticulous about it. Here are some buyer’s tips to help you out:


Medication with questionable origins, especially generic ones, should be scrutinized well. Before you head out to the nearest Pharmacy and buy a generic medicine, check first for similarities with its brand-name counterpart. Here are some of the similarities to take note of between generic and brand-name drugs to reassure you that the former can be a substitute for the latter:

  1. Active ingredients. Active ingredient pertains to the component that makes the medicine effective against the illness that it is treating.
  2. Product type. An injectable brand-name drug should have an injectable generic counterpart.
  3. Drug information label. The generic medicine’s drug information label should mostly have the same information as that of brand-name ones.


The FDA website holds a bunch of information that may be too technical for a simple layman to understand. However, it doesn’t mean that common people won’t be able to browse through this website to check out essential information about the available drugs in the market. For example, there is Drugs@FDA which is an online catalogue of FDA-approved drug products. Through this online catalogue, it is possible to find generic versions of brand-name medicine.


If you are in a hurry and unable to check for similarities meticulously or visit the FDA website, there is one other simple method to help you buy safer and cheaper generic medicine: ask your pharmacist. Of course, don’t forget to ask pertinent product information too such as recommended dosage, safety issues, and possible side effects.

Don’t just go through the motions of buying generic medication. Medicine can save your life when handled well. If you need help when picking out the best and cheapest generic medication for your illness, visit Longwood Pharmacy.


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