What You Need to Know About Compounding

What You Need to Know About Compounding

If you have been in pharmacies, you may have encountered this word called “compounding.” What is this and what do you have to know about this service? Let us find out.


Compounding refers to both the art and science of creating personalized medicines. These medications are created according to the prescription of the patient. Licensed compounding pharmacists mix up individual ingredients that are required by the practitioner. This helps us tailor to the needs of our customers.

There are various areas compounding is essential or beneficial. These areas include:

  1. Cosmetology
  2. Pain Management
  3. Dentistry
  4. Hospice
  5. Pediatrics
  6. Veterinary
  7. And more!


All things have their own purpose but why do people enjoy this service in the first place? Here are some of the reasons why patients, such as you would need pharmaceutical compounding:

  1. Allows customers to save on medication costs

    The problem about medication costs is you cannot simply find an Affordable Pharmacy or in any other places in the country. And let us face the fact that medications are expensive so we are looking for ways to cut the costs.

  2. Removes unwanted substances in a pill

    Here is a situation: you need to take a pill but you are allergic to one substance in it. What is the solution? It is compounding. Your compounding pharmacist can remove the unwanted substance in your medication so you do not have to deal with the inconveniences of your allergies.

  3. Makes medicines easier to take or swallow

    Children and older adults find it hard to swallow certain medication, especially the big pills. The finest answer to this problem is to transform the dosage form from tablets to candies, lollipops, and syrups.

  4. Adjust dosage

    Some medicines are not available in the market, especially those that require a unique dosage. Rather than tapping on manufacturers to make these drugs available, we turn to our compounding pharmacists to create these drugs from available and trusted ingredients. Ask your doctor or your pharmacist about how you can enjoy these adjustments.

  5. Alters the flavor for the picky eaters

    Do you have a child, a senior, or a pet who hates the flavor of their medicine? Simply consult your compounding pharmacists and watch in wonder how they transform your bitter medication to scrumptious flavors. You would not recognize that you are already taking your medicines!

For every problem, they are always bound to be solutions. Longwood Pharmacy is the leading Pharmacy in that can provide you with not just your medical needs in a low price but a wide array of services. Among of which is our compounding services.

If you want to learn how compounding can change the way you look at medication, you can go to our website at www.longwoodpharmacy.com.

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