Dangers of Self-Medication: What You Need to Know


For a lot of us, self-medication is a common solution. If a member of the family is sick, we are quick to rely on the most popular drugs in the pharmacy to alleviate symptoms and eventually rid our loved ones with their illness.

Despite the positive results that self-medicating has brought to families all over the world, there are still a number of underlying questions that surround the particular concept. Is it safe? Should we make a habit of it? Are there any side effects? And while these are incredibly serious topics that we typically don’t want to dwell on, for the sake of our health and the health of those we love, we have to.

The first step is to keep ourselves informed. What are the possible dangers of self-medication? How can it negatively impact our lives? A dose of awareness will actually allow us to engage in this activity the right way.

The important thing that we need to know about self-medication is that apart from the supposed illnesses or conditions self-medicated substances are known to remedy, we aren’t actually knowledgeable of anything else. This is a huge red flag – one that has to be addressed and resolved immediately.

Here are the three potential dangers you must always be aware of when self-medicating:

  1. A person who continuously resorts to self-medication becomes ignorant of a lot of things. Particularly important tidbits that he fails to consider for lack of knowledge are the strength of the drug, as well as the dosage. The danger lies in not paying any attention to the dosage and quite possibly taking too much medication that it eventually turns a minor health issue into a major one.
  2. It can be incredibly dangerous for one who is already medicating to also engage in self-medication. The reactions between different drug components could cause severe side effects and may even lead to fatalities. When it concerns such matters, one should always consult their physician.
  3. Self-medicating is done under one’s own supervision, which quite frankly, does not amount to much unless said individual is a healthcare specialist. So unless you are a pharmacist, a doctor, or someone who has vast knowledge about drugs, you may not know a lot about the side effects of self-medication and the possible harm it could bring you. When you are unsure about a lot of things, it’s always best not to proceed without further knowledge or an expert’s guidance.

Being aware of the potential dangers of self-medication can save you from a whole lot of stress and suffering. While there are times when we cannot help but resort to self-remedy, it would be best to seek out highly-renowned pharmacies such as Longwood Pharmacy to buy products and services from.

At Longwood Pharmacy, you’ll not only be offered with a wide range of services and quality pharmaceuticals, you’ll also be provided with a thorough education on the ways to properly administer medication. A dedicated team of pharmacists who coordinate care with patients and family members will ensure that customers will never be exposed to the dangers and side effects of self-medication.

While self-medication is not necessarily a bad thing, one who lacks the essential information necessary to engage in it the right way should never attempt to do so. Seek out your specialists and ask for their advice because when it comes to matters of the health, one can never be too sure.

Longwood Pharmacy is a reputable Pharmacy that is dedicated to serving all of your prescription and medication needs.

If you happen to be looking for a Low Price Pharmacy, don’t hesitate to visit us today! You may also get in touch with us by calling 407-332-9753 or sending a message to longwoodpharmacy@gmail.com.


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