Generic vs Brand-Name Medicines: Which One is for You?


When visiting a pharmacy to get your prescription filled, the pharmacist will ask if you want a generic version of your medication. If you worry about how effective this version can be, talk to the pharmacist. He has knowledge of how effective and safe generics are.

What are Generic Medicines?

Generic medicines are copies (not exact) of branded meds. Chemically, they are equivalent to their branded counterparts; however, usually cheaper. They meet the same standards of efficacy and quality as branded medicines. While a number of generic medicines are likely to look different compared to branded drugs due to different inactive ingredients, they have the same active ingredients and dosage.

Generic vs Branded: The Price Issue

Not all medicines are available with a generic equivalent since a patent protects newly-developed drugs. The original drug maker is the only company that can sell the drug during the period covered by the patent. However, when the patent runs out, other drug makers can apply to acquire the rights to sell competing generic medicines. Manufacturers of generic drugs have much lower overhead when making drugs since they don’t go through the full process of drug trials undertaken by brand name companies. Generic medicines are available at an affordable pharmacy.

Are Generic Drugs Safe and Effective?

When it comes to safety, both brand-name and generic drug production facilities should meet the same manufacturing standard practices. Generic drugs may be composed of various inactive substances. That is why some of them may not be safe for those allergic to an inactive substance like preservatives, lactose or gluten.

With any medicine, brand-name or generic, there is a possibility of complications. However, when your healthcare provider recommends switching to a generic drug, you will have the confidence to do it. Because both drug versions have the same active ingredients in the same amounts, they are both safe and effective.

Getting the Most Effective Medicine

No matter what health condition you are experiencing, there are things you can do to ensure you get the most effective drug for you.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask for a generic version.

    More than 50% of brand-name medications have a generic option. Your doctor or pharmacist can tell you if a drug has a generic version.

  2. Review your prescriptions on a regular basis.

    You should do the review with your physician or pharmacist. Your current brand-name medicine may have a new, cheaper version that your healthcare providers can tell you. You have the option to pick brand or generic drugs after you know the price of each drug at the pharmacy.

  3. Keep records of your medicines.

    If you are taking multiple medications, keeping records of these drugs helps you monitor them. Your pharmacist can provide you a prescription record form they will fill in whenever you get a prescription.

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