Generic Medication: Why Are They so Affordable?

Generic Medication: Why Are They so Affordable?

Generic medications are a great choice when you are looking for medications that are effective yet friendly on the wallet, but why are they so affordable? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are shopping around for medicines. There are actually a number of reasons why generic medicine is much more affordable compared to their brand name cousins.

Here are a few reasons why you pay less for generic medication at your local Pharmacy:

  1. Community Pharmacies:
    One reason why generic medications are so affordable is that you are simply at an Affordable Pharmacy such as Longwood Pharmacy. These kinds of pharmacies are able to offer you larger discounts. You simply will not be able to receive at a big chain establishment. These are great places that offer you better prices while also supporting the local community.
  2. Development Costs:
    The main reason why generic meds are not as expensive as brand-name medications is simply due to development costs. When a pharmaceutical company develops a new drug, they spend millions upon millions of dollars in research and development. This is a long and expensive process. Once they have developed a suitable product, they will need to charge extra to have their investment back. However, unlike brand-name medications, generic drugs do not have this problem. Generic meds copy existing formulas (with some slight tweaks), allowing them to sell at much more affordable prices.
  3. Safety:
    The much lower price of generic drugs may raise another question and that is safety. This is something you do not have to worry about because generic medications undergo the same tests, standards, and regulations as brand name meds. So you can take these medications without a worry and your wallet will love you for it.

The next time you are in the market for medication, consider trying out our generics. These medications can offer you superb results at much more affordable prices. However, if your doctor recommends a particular brand, it would be a wiser idea to pay extra and get the brand name product your doctor recommended.

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