Great Tips to Help You Save Money on Prescription Medication

Great Tips to Help You Save Money on Prescription Medication

Getting sick or sustaining injuries does not only bring you pain, discomfort, and a disruption to your daily routine and activities, it also entails a lot of spending when it comes to getting the right medical attention, treatment, therapy, and medication. Some people may even fail to take their medication as prescribed because of the high cost that comes with acquiring the right medicines. Surveys have even shown that quite a number of patients are not able to take the medication they need because of the expense that comes with it.

Medication, however, can only work if they are properly taken— with the proper dosage as indicated and prescribed, and at the right time. If cost is greatly affecting how you sustain your medication regimen, then here are a few tips to help you save money on much-needed prescribed medication:

  • Look for a Generic Alternative

    Generic drugs have the same active ingredients as the brand-name ones usually prescribed by physicians, at substantially lower prices. They are also just as effective and are even government-regulated and FDA-approved, so you can rest easy knowing that they are safe to take. Ask your physician or pharmacist if a generic version of the drug is available, or if a similar drug has a generic alternative. Our pharmacy offers a wide range of generic drugs which can help you save money while still being able to acquire the medicine you need.

  • Purchase or Have Your Prescription Refilled in Bulk

    If you are prescribed by your physician with medication that has to be taken for a long time in accordance with a treatment plan, or if there is a specific medicine you would have to maintain long-term to help with your condition, then it is better to acquire a large amount instead of buying only a few pieces good for a few weeks. You can also opt to have your prescription refilled automatically for a longer period of time.

  • Get a Double Dose Prescription

    Some prescription medications can be divided by a pill-splitter. This means that a regular double-dosage can be divided into two doses, and may save you money, instead of buying two of the same type of medication, only in smaller milligrams of dosage. Ask your physician if the medication prescribed has a higher dosage version available, so you can just split the pill and take each split part at different intervals.

  • Choose an Affordable Source of Medication

    The pharmacy where you acquire your prescribed medicines from can also greatly affect your expenses on much-needed medication. Some pharmacies offer lower-priced or cheap medication that can greatly help you in your regimen. Longwood Pharmacy is a low cost pharmacy that provides genuine and quality prescribed medication at very affordable prices.

For safe and reliable medical and health needs, trust Longwood Pharmacy. We are an affordable pharmacy with services that allow us to properly meet your unique needs and preferences.

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