How Generic Medications Help You Save Costs – PLUS Savings Tips on Your Prescription

How Generic Medications Help You Save Costs – PLUS Savings Tips on Your Prescription

If you’re someone who is keen on making savings in your medications, the generic brands can be your ideal option. Generic medicines from a low cost pharmacy are more affordable versions of the branded drugs. However, both medicines contain the same active ingredient, which means that the generic brand still as effective as their branded counterpart.

If you’re wondering why the branded drugs are costlier, it’s like this: The development of a particular medicine is very costly for the original creators. Hence, they’re given a specific amount of time to sell the medication without anybody allowed to follow their formula. The original manufacturers spend for the clinical trials, advertisements, and even for patenting the product. After the set amount of exclusive production, generic manufacturers can now create the same medicine without the costs that the original manufacturers spent, making the generic versions more affordable.

So if you’re looking for cheaper generic medication options for your prescriptions, approach any of our staff in our affordable pharmacy so you can be rightly assisted.

To help you out in more savings options for your prescription needs, here are additional tips for you:

  • Talk to your doctor

    If you have any financial constraints about your medication bills, inform your doctor about it. Ask them of the possibility of prescribing a cheaper option or even a generic brand.

  • Look it up on the internet

    With today’s online capability, you can easily search online to compare for cheaper prices of your medications. You can even call our pharmacy to inquire about your prescription to see if our price is cheaper than other pharmacies.

  • Grab discount opportunities

    There are pharmacies that offer a discount when you buy medicines in volumes. If you need to take medications for a long period of time, buying in volumes is ideal. Inquire from a pharmacy if they’re offering such an opportunity so you can take advantage of it.

  • Avail some discount card, if there’s any

    There are pharmacies that offer discounts to their loyal clients by availing a discount card. If you know you need regular medications, getting a discount card can help you cut costs.

  • Ask for a sample medication

    There are medications that are provided as a sample to the patients. Before purchasing a medication from your doctor or the pharmacist, make it a point to inquire if samples are available. Not only can you get it for free, but you will also get to try if the medicine works right for you.

  • Divide medicines, if possible

    Sometimes, you can save when you just divide a tablet. For instance, you buy a 20-mg pill so you can just divide it for your 10-mg dose, and save in the one-time purchase. However, some medicines degrade when cracked open, so better ask your pharmacist first before proceeding with this option.

We hope these savings tips are helpful! For your next prescription, contact us directly at Longwood Pharmacy for more affordable medication options.

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