Patients Can Benefit from Compounded Medicines

Patients Can Benefit from Compounded Medicines

Many healthcare providers and hospitals look for pharmaceutical solutions to ascertain the health and well-being of their clients for the long-term. For that reason, they work hand in hand with pharmacists, including (and especially) those that specialize in compounded drugs.

Compounded drugs typically are not advertised commercially. However, they are available for purchase in a compounding pharmacy. The reason why doctors prescribe compounded drugs is that patients have unique needs and may not respond well to the usual medications.

For instance, a patient’s prescribed drug tastes bitter, making them feel sickened every time they take it. In this case, a compound pharmacist from a pharmacy can add flavor to the medicine without altering its formulation, strength, and dosage. The effects will still be the same, except it no longer tastes bitter.

Another instance is if a patient, especially the aging ones, finds it hard to swallow their prescribed tablets. They can have a compounding pharmacist compound it into a smaller pill or liquid medication that has the same medicinal effects.

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