Five Reasons to Shop from a Neighborhood Pharmacy


Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in your neighborhood pharmacy do their best to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you go to the pharmacy to fill a prescription or get something to help you relieve your cold, the team at Longwood Pharmacy
has the knowledge and experience to provide the right advice when you need it.

Visiting a neighborhood pharmacy comes with some benefits, including the following:

  1. You Get Individualized Advice and Service

    Your neighborhood pharmacy care team is aware of your personal health situation, and can recommend daily self-care which better suits your needs. For instance, if you have a high blood pressure, you will be advised not to take flu medicines with stimulants to avoid an increase in your blood pressure. You might miss this point if you get your flu meds from a pharmacy that does know your health situation. Also, medicines for seniors can be delivered right at their doorsteps.

  2. The Pharmacy Can Work with your Doctor

    If you are suffering from a chronic illness and your initial treatment plan doesn’t work, your physician may change your medicines or adjust dosages. However, it is too stressful for you to go back and forth between your doctor’s office and the pharmacy. The majority of local pharmacies have built good relationships with local physicians. Your pharmacist may contact your doctor for clarity in the prescription. Just imagine how much effort and time you could save because of this relationship.

  3. You Save Money on Expensive Medications

    YourYour neighborhood pharmacy may know your health insurance situation and can usually work with you to look for solutions you can afford. This results in lower overall costs for prescription and over-the-counter medications.

    Often, when ordering medications in the internet, the pharmacy may offer their standard brand. Finding more affordable versions or getting substitutions can be difficult. But our low price pharmacy can review your prescriptions, check your insurance and its coverage, and make appropriate substitutions you can afford.

    In addition, your local pharmacy may also contact your doctor to approve emergency refills or some forgotten non-narcotic prescriptions. That is time saved you can use to rest and heal yourself.

  4. Get your Vitals Checked

    Usually, neighborhood pharmacies can help you test your sugar or track your blood pressure. While you are there to get some medications, medical supplies or supplements, you can request tests for your sugar or blood pressure. These tests are recorded and can be used to point out other issues in the future.

  5. You Get More than Just Meds

    The majority of neighborhood pharmacies these days also sell basic grocery items. A lot of them offer access to hygiene products, first-aid supplies and even mobility aids. Instead of stopping at various locations for such products, you can get all of them at your neighborhood pharmacy.

For your medical and healthcare needs, you can depend on Longwood Pharmacy. Call us at 407-332-9753.


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