Services You Should Look for Before Choosing a Pharmacy

Services You Should Look for Before Choosing a Pharmacy

In the past, pharmacies were simply dispensaries that made medicine available to the general public. But now, times have changed and a local pharmacy must evolve in order to keep up with the demands of its clients.

In case you’re curious what these new services are, we have compiled a short list of it just for you! Most local pharmacies now offer:

  • Consultation
    Do you often find yourself riddled with inquiries when you get to the pharmacy? Well, you won’t always have to head back to your local clinic just to have the answers you need. Most pharmacies now offer consulting services that will help you gain a better understanding of your prescription and your health.
  • Compounding
    Have the pills you’ve been using for over a decade suddenly phased out of the market? Not to worry! All you need to do is simply get a compounding prescription from your physician, and a pharmacy with compounding services can recreate the medication for you. It would be as if your previous go-to medicine was still available!
  • Free Delivery
    Let’s admit it — no one likes waiting in lines just to have their prescription filled. Especially when you’re older! Standing for a long time can really do a number on your knees. Some pharmacies offer free delivery as a special service to their loyal and/or elderly customers. Be sure to check that out!
  • Special Packaging
    Are you tired of carrying around multiple pill bottles at a time? Well, special packaging is the solution you’re searching for. With it, your pills will be sorted by dose and packed in durable packets that are small enough to fit inside your pocket.
  • Language Options
    Is English not your native language? That’s okay! Some pharmacies nowadays specifically employ bilingual staff so they can cater to a larger clientele, which allows you to easily detail your needs without it getting lost in translation. Take Longwood Pharmacy, for example; we have staff members who specialize in speaking Spanish.
  • Easy prescription transfer
    Not all pharmacies will have everything that you need. And for the most part, that will urge you to transfer your prescription. If, back in the day, that was such a struggle, now, most pharmacies have a computerized system that will allow you to easily switch your prescription from one retail provider to the next.

Wouldn’t you say that having all these services in one place is just a lot more convenient? With it, you wouldn’t have to drive through multiple pharmacies just to get what you need.

But is there even a low cost pharmacy in Seminole that brings all of those perks to the table? You can bet there is! Longwood Pharmacy offers all of those services listed above, and more!

If you haven’t selected an affordable pharmacy in Seminole to do business with yet, choose Longwood Pharmacy. We always do what we can to make things a lot easier for you.

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